WHAT IS SEO and why it is important

what is mean by SEO?


SEO is the search Engine Optimization. Here We know what is mean by SEO and how it work. How we can benefits from the SEO to increase the traffic.


There are over 130,000,000+ Registered website on the internet. We are most rely on search Engine what we want. So these search engine are so good that over 90% of people rely on the search Engine. There are lot of search Engine are there,but over 83% of people use google as search Engine.

Only 90% of people uses the Google click the first page of the search Engine result.  They don’t click on the subsequent pages to search more results.


about 63% of people click on the top three result of their search content what they are searching for.

That is why the Search Engine is so much important for your blog. When the people search relevant to their searching content and find it on your website, they will click to your website.


These are the people which are exactly what they offer. they are the most ideal visitors. If your website is not showing the top three result or not showing on the front page of the search engine, it means that your website doesn’t do well in the page view.

The position is determined by the page rank. The relevant the keywords of your website the more chances of your website to rank on the search Engine.


To get the ranking in the google search Engine, Google see the keywords relevant that contain in your website and the back link of your website. Back links means the google trust to your website.


So the keywords are important but the back links lift up your website to up the level.


There are two methods to get the tanking to your website. On Page SEO and off-page SEO.  On page SEO ranks your site on search engine on the basis of number of keywords contain in your web page.

If you are searching for best beaches then the result page shows those website that contain the keyword like beach.











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