The smart phone features this year is to be the most advanced and lucrative. The things start declining the mid February when there is decline in the most featured based smartphone innovative  technologies.

Only the features they could be able to provide is the camera segment and music segment particularly in audio category.  Cutting edge innovation technologies which is the fun and part of  daily life.


Ista’s first Holographic Smartphone


innovative technologies


How we generate glass free holograms on smart phone? when we looking at the smartphone the camera focus on the eye beam, the eye tracking data is sent to the processing unit, it quickly processed by eye tracking system which is to lock on where eye is looking.


Our eye tracking system will adjust the hologram generated based on your eye are looking and you will immediately seen the holographic fact. This is the world’s first holographic smart phone with pioneering eye tracking innovative  technologies.

we called it smart holographic. Your will find four camera’s on the holographic front. A perfect air interface. The camera is designed not only to take holographic image but are designed to collect the data. So what is your user experience, Such holographic smart phone ring us. No more dizziness when you narrow the angles.

Truly immersed way of looking the 3D. Game playing becomes more fun and thrilling. Distance were no longer been a problem. life line product display for online shopping. Complex traffic system becomes easy to navigate. Education is no longer boring but fun and lively.


Anytime any where 3d scanning printer. Will this just the beginning, Ista will continue to beginning with new technology for holographic navigation. It make impossible possible and create better life.


Smart Beam Personal projector


Innovative technologies


Grand and spectacular screen images from a tiny 4.5 Cm cue. Smart beam is important to use personal projector with your mobile devices.just press the power button on the right connected to your smart phone and you are ready to go! smart beam automatically traces the video from the smartphone screen and projected the video on the front projector.

The incredible value of the smart beam powered by descent design and features realized y technology. This ultralight devices with 35 ANSI Lumens color illumination with DLP technology. As well as battery that last for two hours  and screen that expands up to 100 meters depending on your comfortable distance. with smart design protected y illumines finish, smart beam easily allows you to project the images easily on the wall without any additional support.


Enjoy your favorite movie on the large screen anywhere, anytime. Educational material for your kids, latest movies, games , books, internet, video chatting and more.


innovative technologies


Experience multimedia content on your smartphone with smart beam making your smart imagination in to a reality.


Bicycle Safety Lens Light 


innovative technologies


Riding bicycle on the road is dangerous even it is to deadly. Our phone always in reach distracting driving is more common that ever, but now You can use your mobile device to protect yourself from the drivers that are on the phone.

With lens guiding system you can focus on the read ahead because speed catch you back. As you drive the lens camera system scan the road behind you, detecting the approaching cars. The system alerts flashing light behind you and you will get signals to your android device placed securely on the handle bar.


As the vehicle approaches the system tracks and the alert increases the frequency, more for the alert to catch the driver’s attention. As the vehicle pass the sensor detect the distance between the bicycle and your car and another sensor that tells you the vehicle proximity near you. If the vehicle get to close, the rear camera capture the video and save with your screen along with the lateral distance strata.


Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaning Device


innovative technologies


Have you ever experienced your cloths get spoiled over hopelessly washing and you becomes frustrated due to this. Specially when you deals with delicate and hand washed clothing. Even it gets more frustrating because of ad move. Meet dolfi the worlds smallest device clean your cloth with the power of ultrasonic innovative technologies.


Dolfi is just the size of the smart phone perfectly portable to fitting any bathroom and remote travel luggage. Using advanced ultrasonic cleaning technology dolfi cleans even the most delicate fabric without damaging or discoloring ever. No ruing, no whirling, no stretching, no fading colors , no wearing off.

Your favorite cloths thoroughly and perfectly cleaned y inside y your fabric fires .The process ultimately removes dirt and odors. Your clothing will e ultra fresh after ultrasonic cleaning.


How does it works? It amazingly simple, just put your cloth in the container, add water, detergent . Put dolfi inside. Switch the device ON and enjoy your free time. You seen dolfi glowing blue cleans you cloths work like magic.


innovative technologies


Within 30 minutes you clothes will e clean and fresh. They will look like new even after many washing cycles. Dolfi innovative technology has Developed y MPI Ultrasonics, Switzerland. The heart of the device is powerful transducer creates the ultrasonic waves that are multi band wide mode and progressive.

These precisely modulated sound waves travel through water and microscopic high pressure bubbles  called cavitaton. The tiny ule then explodes creating millions of micro jet liquid those visible by powerful stream.



That removes the dirt from the fabric. dolfi is est for your personal, silk, woolens, fabric, jeans every clothing it will ale to wash. with dolfi you forget the hand washing, damage cloths and the hassles of laundry that you required to travel.


Smart Hello The Bicycle navigation


innovative technologies


Also the light pattern warns you in advance the turn, so you will get an accurate turn. First of all you have to open the GPS in your mobile phone. Enters the destination you want to travel and click the directions. Then simply wear the helmet and goggle. The turn automatically shown on your goggle screen to take turn. It is most advance innovative technologies.


As soon you start riding, the smart hello shows your time, distance, average speed, the calories you urn as well as your total elevation. Smart hello also equipped with smart Night light. It automatically turns ON when you start riding and stop when you stop the riding. Smart hello also integrated with bike defender system. When anyone tries to steal the bicycle the alarm will siren and it notify to your mobile phone. So you will e alert Soon.






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