This Virtual Reality Ship to go Journey across Atlantic

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 The virtual reality ship called the Mayflower autonomous ship is go  launch from Plymouth in UK. Its Voyage will mark the 400th anniversary of the pilgrim ship which brought Europe settlers to America in 1620.


 The IBM will provide the AI system to the virtual reality ship. AI means the artificial intelligence. 


The vessel will make its own decision making process includes:

1)Light detecting and ranging(LIDAR)

2)Radio detecting and ranging (RADAR)

3)GPS system



 Data on hundreds of ships has already been collected. The data collect in playmouth sound to feed machine learning algorithms. 


 The original journey took more than two months landing at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts, on 21 December 1620. The vessel will repeat their journey but without any humans on board, and a much faster anticipated crossing time of two weeks.


 The ship is called trimaran has  very long slender main hull.  The two smaller hulls are for stabilization and provide the surface area for the solar panels. The vessel will run on solar and wind power, with an emergency diesel backup generator if needed.


 The hull of the ship is currently under construction in Gdansk, Poland.  It will arrive playmouth in next February. There are no people on ship and it has left huge amount of volume. Lot of space has saved due to no need of space to sleep, storing food and water. All the things that keep people alive go away.


 IBM’s deep learning software will help the vessel collect and analyse data. The purpose is to avoid the collision at sea. 

 The sheep will use IBM’s sophisticated operational decision maker(ODM) tool, which is also used by the financial industry to make complex business decisions. 

UK’s University of Plymouth has designed the research pod in the hull of the ship.

A future of autonomous vessels roaming across the world’s ocean brings up several issues around insurance, cyber security and piracy.

 The first voyage  insured by  insurance company Gard, which wanted to be the first company to insure and unmanned ocean vessel.



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