These College vacation jobs fill your pocket with Money

College Vacation jobs

t            If your college vacation start and you are planning to do something then here is the list of  college vacation jobs which fills your pocket with money.

1.Web designer


 If you have the command over the HTML coding language or you have learned the coding It is time for you to apply it in practical. You have plenty of job opportunity as web designer. It will be your college vacation job. The demand for the web designer is unlimited. You will pay a handsome pay on hourly basis or weekly basis.

 In the web design field, you have to work as a front end designer and back end designer. The front end designer means you have to work on the beautiful appearance of the website. The attractive layout and templates. In back end design you have to work on improving the user interface of the website.  You can also start freelancing service and decides your own hourly pay.


2. Work as Bank Teller

 If you have the some knowledge of working of bank, then bank teller is best college vacation job for you. In this job you have to help the customer of bank with their banking need. Answer to their queries.  In this job you have to guide the customer about their basic banking needs. Such as Open the bank account, Document required, the loan procedure and document,  filling of credit and debit card application form, deposit the check and withdraw money.

 You often have interacted with the bank teller whose desk situated at the corner of the bank.  For this job you have some command over communication skill and require effective interaction with customers. You can gain the knowledge of the bank working through visiting the bank or you can take read the banking related books.

 The average salary of Bank teller in United State is about $11.99 per hour.  Mostly the education up to graduate level of undergraduate level may be suitable for this job.


3. Waiting and bar tending


 Bartender is the service provided in the restaurant and bar. In this job you have to take care of customer and provide the excellent service to customer entering in the bar. You have to serve them with respect and with professionally.

 You have to take the orders and prepare the order within the timeline. In this job you have to keep the smiling face and maintain the cheerful attitude.  One more additional task you need to do is to prepare the table for serving the next customer. Preparation of table in the sense you have to remove all the stuff laying on the table such as glass, bottles and small pots. So get ready to enjoy the music of the bar!! It will be your best college vacation jobs.


4. Child Care


 Since our society is changing at fast pace and force everyone in the family to become the economically independent. Due to this we see the husband and wife are both working. There is hardly any couple who married especially women decides to stay remain housewife.

 The child care has been growing rapidly; it is very easy to start the child care. You have to search nearby families. It also does not require any special skill or experience. Simply you have to care the child in your house. The child care usually earns around $9.83 per hour. You have the responsibility of caring of the child and you have to feed, take care and entertain when the child becomes bored or crying. You can do this college vacation jobs.


5. Landscape Technician


 The Landscape technician has broad work profile. His work starts from tree plantation, moving the lawn, laying the walkway. This job does not require the educational qualification. It requires the physical fitness to carry the physical activity.

 The landscape technician gives the shape and design to the shrub and grass, trees, flowers. Usually they cut the grass, trees and other plants designed by the landscape designers. To become a landscape Technician you require the license.  Landscape technician paid around $25000 per month. So Do this college vacation jobs.


6. Ice Cream Shop


 If you have the space ready for ice cream shop and young, children are more in your locality then the ice cream shop is the best option for you.  By knowing the simple recipe of the ice cream making you can provide variety of flavor to customers.

 If you don’t want to make the ice cream at home, there are plenty of ice cream suppliers that you can purchase in bulk and make the profit by selling the ready made ice cream.

 By making the pleasant atmosphere of your shop, you can attract more customers.  The ice cream shop is the best profitable option to start in vacation. If your ice cream shop becomes popular and profitable, it may be the best future option for you to grow in this field. This will be interesting college vacation jobs.


7. Camp Counselor


 Camp counselor works as counselor who arrange the outdoor camp for children guides them and instruct them about the safety. The outdoor activities such as swimming camps, tennis, hiking and other outdoor activities. The camp counselor generally organizes trips; provide the support and guides about the activities.

 There is no special qualification or educational degree required to start the job as camp counselor. Anyone can become the camp counselor. You have to physically fit and the certification of lifeguard and duties and first aid required.  However the teenage camp counselor requires the good moral character, maturity and patience. One more thing, to become a camp counselor you must have the leadership skill. Or if you want to boost your leader ship skill, the camp counseling is the best option for you. So plan this college vacation jobs.


8. Freelance Writer


 If you are the passionate about writing and loves the writing, then the freelance writer is the best option for you to enhance your skill.  Freelance writer are responsible for writing an articles, poems, books as per project allotted.

 So first of all you have to start the gathering of the information as per the project allocated, then write the small draft, then edit the content and keep the useful content required as per the project requirement. You can apply for freelance writer in magazine, Blogs, and other editorials.

 Generally freelance writers paid around $25 per hour. However some agency hires the freelance writer and paid on the monthly basis. So without wasting time, Craft your writing skill. So plan this college vacation jobs.

9. Become a virtual Assistant


 The virtual assistant is the diversified field and you can choose the niche of the assistant you want to provide virtually. The virtual assistant job is to provide the solution to the client or help him virtually by answering email, chatting on Skype and internet.

 Virtual assistant usually work from home, they need not go to the office or some particular place to assist. If you have some special skill and it will beneficial to other or demanded by entrepreneur, then you can choose to do virtual assistant.

 There are many range of topics used for virtual assistant, start from managing the accounts and bookkeeping to arrange the travel which saves money to book in advance by virtual assistant. Virtual assistant can earn from $23 to $25 per hour.


10. Become a translator


 As a famous say, “without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence.”  In the process of globalization, many foreign companies expanding their business beyond the physical boundaries. So there is huge demand for translators. It is right time for you to learn this skill. The mastery in the language can open the door for the culture and opportunity of another world.

 In translation work, you have to translate the target language in to other language. There is no bachelor degree required to become translator, if you have the mastery over the language, then you can start translation.

 You can also work from home by freelance translating.  You can search the translation work on Plenty of translation work available out there.  The translator earn by word basis. Once you get the experience in this field, then it may be your future carrier option too.


11. Launch an online course


Share your knowledge and show your talent to the world by launching online course. You can make the video lectures of particular topic of the course content.

You can make the videos of academic courses and technical or some other courses.

which have to make the concepts clear and simple not the complex.

 You can sell your online courses.  You can create the 20% of the course content initially, then as per feedback received by readers then you can create another 80% of course content.

12. Work in retail

 Can you remember the school days that you were in the retail mall for shopping with your parent? Yes, but now days the structure of the retails has completely changed. There are lots of vacancies left filled in the retail store.

 The jobs in retails store is not limited up to accounting and cahier, there are other department like sales and marketing, customer representative, cash counter representative and many more.  You can also become the accountant by taking the basic knowledge of accounting.

 In retail store there is greater demand of cash counter representative to scan the barcode and make the bill. He also responsible for correct billing and recheck the billed items before generating the cash memo. The salary in the retail store is paid monthly. There quite some store that pays on weekly basis. So if you want to grow your retailing knowledge, then the Work in retail store is best for you.


13. Become a Tutor


 If you love the teaching and like to help the student to excel in their academic by guiding teaching and counseling them, then the tutor job is best for you. You can hone your teaching skill by becoming tutor.

 Now days tutoring prove to be the best result for the student to excel in their academic life. So many students join the tutor. The responsibility of tutor apart from teaching is to solve the complex problem and provide the better solution.

 In addition to this, tutor also guides the student about exam pattern, solve the questions and answer to their quarries. You required possessing the degree in any field in this job. You also need to in depth knowledge of the subject.

 Patience and maturity is most desirable characteristic for this job. It also requires the honesty and good communication skill. Once you enter in the field of tutor, you will automatically gain all the qualities required by experience.  You can join the coaching center or institute to become a tutor or you can start your own coaching center. So think about this college vacation jobs.


14. Become a personal trainer


 Now day’s young generation is more health conscious, due to this the demand for fitness trainer has increased. The new fitness center and gym are opening at fast pace. Ultimately the demand for fitness trainer has grown up.  Many yoga centers are also opening in the cities.

 People are ready to spend on health and fitness, so definitely the earning potential for the personal trainer has grown significantly.  The fitness trainer mainly guides and teaches the people about how to exercise effectively and guides about their diet plan.

 To become the personal fitness trainer, you should have to become physically fit, and must have the knowledge about the different positions of the physical exercise.  You can learn the yoga and can become a personal yoga trainer but you should know about the yoga positions and their importance.

 Personal trainers are paid on weekly and monthly basis.  The personal trainers are paid on hourly basis and also monthly basis. Their hourly pay is about $18 per hour.  Personal trainer’s typical compensation is in between $10 to $49.


15. To start a Blog

To start a blog is the best idea if you are passionate about writing.  You need to select the niche topic of your blog and start writing the blog post regularly. After you have successfully able to build the audience, you will get the traffic on your website.

To get the traffic you need to do the SEO of your blogger website. In addition to the SEO you need to maintain the quality and write the quality of blog post. You need to buy the domain name for your blogger. The domain name should match to your niche blog.


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