The future work is based on the Skill not on College Degree

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 The future work is based on Skill, not on college degree. World unemployment rate still stuck at 9.1% you might think of any employer who is actually hiring is find trouble while recruits. Not so the reports on the skill gaps miss so many good jobs. Since the businesses  loosing their market shares and can’t compete with their competitors because they won’t have the skilled manpower.


According to the world economic forum, the future work skill required in 2020  not included in your Syllabus.

 Following are the future work skills that you are required to learn for bright future jobs.


1. Complex problem solving


   Can you solve complex issues and problem using your own intelligence. Now we have big data, we have artificial intelligence, we have so many other things. Data is available more than before. Decision must be take for human beings. Robots can have intelligence that yet. This is one of the most important future work skill.


2. Creativity

 It is main future work skill people needed. Creativity helps the people to gaining the depth  of knowledge or expertise. Creativity is the generation of ideas that results in the improved efficiency or effectiveness of a system. there . Process and people. The process remains the same. The process is the goal-oriented. It is designed to attain a solution to a problem, But the approach used by the people will vary.

Creativity has the potential to find the new solution to the problem and bringing something new into existence.

So it is easy to understand how valuable creativity is, considering problem solving is what entrepreneur end up doing the most of the time.


3. Manage people

This skill is not formally though in the school, colleges but it is the most important future work skill for long term success. You can take help of others, You can co ordinate with others, You can form a team and work on the team. No one can reach towards the goal alone. we required the help of the others. Through the help of the others only we can achieve the success. People management skill is the ability to take people along.

4. Coordinating with others

Of course this future work skill is related to skill no 4 and that is coordinating skill. Specially people from different streams, MBA student are easily to deal with another MBA student. But can you make the best friend with the hotel management student.

Can he or she learn from your world or can you learn from his or her world. Can engineers learn from hotel management people, can engineers learn from arts people. It is said that Facebook Giant Marks Zukerberg subject when he studying  in stanford.

He has sociology one on one and Computer science one on one. Both subjects at the same time. Now you can see the important of these two. the sociology needs to do what, and the that human need what look i came and share to express what your experience and what you want to share. We upload our photos on the Facebook and tell the world about ourselves.  People want to share their world.

5. Emotional Intelligence

   There is difference between artificial intelligence and Emotional Intelligence is the understanding and recognizing the self and others emotions. Since the emotional intelligence has not been taught in the school and colleges yet. But it is the most important skill that if you master in emotional intelligence then you can have more chances of success in spite of the deficiency of the other skills.

 This future work skill mostly possessed by the great leaders. By understanding the emotion of your, You can control yourself and you will know better what is your current emotions and then suit your emotions with the situation.


6. Communication Skill

This future work skill is probably the most important skill, as it pertain to each. If someone does not posses the communication skill, the rest of the attributes fall by sides. The ability to speak others as well as communicate in writing while maintaining the correct tone is a skill all people should develop and fruitful entrepreneur have hone in on this important attributes.





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