Tesla Planning the future Autopilot Self- Driving Car will be available within next three year


We discuss what The Tesla is and how  We all are imaging the tesla autopilot self-driven cars will be.  We have seen these cars in some Hollywood movies. But can you imagine these autopilot cars will available within next three years!

 That sounds pretty much crazy but it soon turns into the reality.  According to Silicon Valley experts, these cars have fully driven capability in autopilot mode. The Blair LaCorte, president of AEye said that, they spend $100 billion in past four years to develop the self-driving autopilot technology.  These cars can be driven anywhere.

 This company has developed the advanced advance vision hardware, and software and advance AI system recently.   Let’s talk about the company’s tesla model S Car. This tesla model S is fitted with autonomous mode.  Autonomous mode means when you drive this car you can take off the feet from the paddles and you can take the hands off on the steering as well.   That sounds Crazy! New revolution in Transportation Technology in 21st Century

 Tesla’s autonomous mode is a driving aid; it doesn’t means that you can completely switch off car.  If suppose you are driving on the highway road and have speed about 63 miles per hour in the middle lane of the highway and if you want to start your autonomous driving, you first need to do is to pull the steering lever back, it takes control of the paddle inputs. So you don’t need about the braking or accelerating. You can also increase the speed like up to 80 miles per hour. If you want to take the tesla car’s steering input, again you have to press the steering lever back twice and there you go!

 Then you don’t need to put your hands of the steering!   It seems weird! Once entered your car into autopilot mode, you need to be relaxed; you don’t need to focus on the cars driving in front of you. If there is turn and twist on the road, you need to be more relaxed, the car can drive safely.

 If you want to change the lane you have to indicate the liver in the direction you want to change the lane, and move the steering and set the car in the lane. Once you put the car in the lane, then you need to cancel the indicator and then you have changed the lane!

 The autonomous system is getting more and cleverer every single day. It sending the information back to the pick hub which is telling the computers the information of road, it is mapping itself every single day.

 So now let’s talk about how the sensors work. There are total 12 sensor’s all the way around the car and a front facing camera and rear facing radar which tells about what exactly going on.  This car goes million miles away and feed all the information on one big brain. It can be 10 to 20 times more large and it going to be so much clever. It is really a mind boggling. It’s very great feeling when you drive this car.

 Tesla autopilot will get updates automatically over the air. These updates will bring extra features. Thus it helps to make system more robust and accurate. The autopilot will bring advanced driver assistance system. These systems include adaptive cruise control, automatic lane keeping and self- parking.

How does Tesla autopilot car will work?

Telsa car detects the all data generated by camera, sensors and radar, and then it will processed by onboard camera. The special features of the tesla autopilot car are it can match the speed of traffic. It can automatically changes the lane and make exit more freeway and park the car by its own.

 The tesla car is also featured with the smart artificial intelligence system.  When you get inside in your car, you just simply say your destination and that’s it! It will search your destination as per calendar entry. It will also steer itself from heavy traffic and complex intersections.

 Now let’s talk about the autopilot full self-driving capability features

  • Traffic aware cruise control- This system matches the speed of your car with surrounding traffic.
  • Auto steering- This system assist you to clearly mark the lane of your car and uses traffic aware cruise control.
  • Navigation on autopilot mode- This system guides your car on ramp off and ramp on highway. It also suggests the navigation interchanges. It automatically turns signal and taking the correct exit.


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