Samsung to Launch a sport Smartwatch and Air Pods

Samsung sport smartwatch  launch  its newest product in upcoming week.  Although the Korean tech giant has announced that it will launch the wearable devices that will come soon in the market.


This launch includes the wireless earbuds, sport smart watches and new fitness band. Samsung competing with Apple airpods , information leaked recently through the media sources and Samsung confirmed it.


Samsung sport Smartwatch



   Galaxy Wearable’s app revealed the wide range of products. It includes sports-focused smart watch and new innovative fitness bands.

Samsung sport smartwatch  biggest launch going to happen this year.

Samsung sport Smartwatch


 Now the Samsung mobile world congress is expected to be held in coming days. World mobile congress is the biggest mobile trade show that held every year. There is a lot of expectation from there to see new product launch.

 One of the recent launches in the smart watch fitness series is the Samsung Gear sport watch. It is a super solid device with the stainless steel body and the glassy finish makes looks better. The watch has the circle inside the square that proves to be the best design and keeping the functions being traditional.


 It means that you can access the watch in swallow water without any difficulty.  It has battery life of the four days.  The battery backup includes using the GPS. It has the charging remainder and shows the charging percentage.

It has 15m of waterproof rating.

The display  perform  many functions by simply rotating the circular disc around the watch.  You can change the watch display. For example you can flip the display from digital to the gear mode.  The watch is well organized with the menus and notifications when you rotate the circular knobs.

It can also have screen touch display and can swipe the menu between the screens.


 Now the premium features of this watch are


Ø 1) Sports watch design is premium stainless steel with acclaimed rotating bezel UI.

2) 24/7 auto activity tracking- sleep, floor, steps, workouts with continuous heart rate monitoring.

3) Run-ready with on board GPS, maps and music player.

4) Swim ready with water resistance up to 50m and swim tracking app.

5) Phone connectivity for notifications, call alerts and messages.

6) Customization with watch faces and standard  20mm watch straps.

7) Dedicated app store for utilities, nutrition, sport, games and more.




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