The History of new revolution in  Transportation technology date back in sometimes around 4000-3500 BC. Man earlier invent transportation in Mesopotamia.

History of transportation begins with the discovery of wheel. The further Next steps of inventions are the inventions of the carts and chariots.




1. Hyper Loop Train


Revolution in transportation technology


Hyper loop is basically the form of ground Transport. The difference in the Traditional train and hyper loop train is that instead of the wheel the pods are designed to float on the air skis. It is new revolution in transportation technology.


The basic idea of hyper loop is that the passenger pods of capsules travels through the tube, either above or below the ground. To reduce the friction.


The pods would gets its initial velocity from its external linear electric motor. which would accelerate to its ‘high subsonic velocity’ and then give boost every 70 miles.


The proposed speed of hyper loop train would be as faster as 1200 Km/Hr. which is Faster than the Current passenger air plane speed!!


The Hyper loop train will have significant impact on our life. People can travel in the lowest time ever. The fast movement of the commodity and goods in less cost of transportation is possible.


2. Flying Taxis


New revolution in transport technology


You have might seen the flying machines in science fiction movies. but this science fiction will come in reality soon. Big companies such as Uber, Boeing and Airbus have started developing this technology.