Netflix is the online video streaming services established slowly worldwide.  From the year 2016, its global expansion has raised and it’s entering in the worldwide market. Netflix is now available in 200 countries around the world. Despite its booming in global market, it is struggling in Asian market.


 It  subscription grows tremendously around the worldwide but it still struggling to boost in the Asian market. Asian markets have to slow to adapt the Netflix streaming service


 It is trying to penetrate the global market. The company has currently 52 million subscriptions in U.S. and is estimated to hit the market cap up to 60 million. So Netflix doing very well in international market.


 Netflix find hard to establish in Asia because it has low subscription rate in Asian market. It has nearly about 1.5 million subscribers in Asia. It means that the Netflix is making near about 1.3% of subscription worldwide as compare to it money invested. 


 After the market research we have found out the top two reasons why the Netflix is struggling to grow membership in the Asia. 


 First reason had found that it has high subscription price. The current online video streaming companies in Asia charging low subscription price as compare to the it’s subscription charges. Now currently the iflix, HOOQ, Spuul, Hotstar such video streaming services offer the video streaming service comparably has low subscription charges. 


 The second reason found that the Broadband quality issue. The broadband width varies in the different countries and territories. due to low bandwidth the network issue arises to the video streaming. As a result it consumes more data. In the remote regions there is limited access of the internet. The price factor is the important parameter and can be the game changer for Netflix. It try to covers the movies.