Innovative Marketing Ideas which grows your business

innovative marketing

If you want to grow your business, then these innovative marketing ideas for you. Here i have covered the top 8 innovative marketing ideas. Using these you can grow your business.


1. Make a Bold outdoor statement


Make the bold outdoor statement effectively which attract the customer.

For example, show the unique feature of the product or services which you are going to marketing.

In this marketing Strategy you have to show the market potential or the customer potential in term of the money. Suppose the kind of product or services will going to be the million dollar company or it has the potential to reach the millions of the customers worldwide.


2. Live your Brand promise


The Best way you do to brand your product to reach the public masses. For example, make the Happiness booth or arrange the public events that introduce your product or services. One thing you have to remember that the events or the happiness booth must be for the benefits of the public and make them feel that you are really matters their concern.


3. Build a Cool image about your Brand


Create an image that brings the feelings in the people, try to make the attachment in the people about your brand. Make the cool logo for your brand. The image of your brand is the replication of whole your product and company.


4. Be the part of something newsworthy 


Make something new or innovating that catch the attention of the media. Do some records or plan something that could be the matter for the attention of the media. The news spreads in the news paper and the television is the big platform for you. The News itself is the marketing medium for your brand.


5. Become a Socially responsible Brand


The message you must spread through your ad campaign is to care about social responsibility.


The brand is not for the special group of the people. the brand should for the whole public and there should be no any preference given for anyone.


6. To an authentic brand expose you imperfection 


The example for this is suppose you are marketing for  drug medicine. The medicine is for cough and it taste Bitter and awful but it is very effective and give the quick relief.


The ad campaign Slogan or the tag line  for this is something like that “It taste awful.And it works.”



7. Share a sense of Ownership with your customers


Share the ownership with your customer. Let them enjoy the brand and make them the sense of owner ship.  This will create the brad value for customers.


8. Turn you logo into an art piece 


The logo for your Brand should be in the art piece and each piece of art should tell the story.  People love the Brad that resembles the story telling.

This will make the great impact on the customers and they start love your Brand and value your Brand.







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