Hyper efficient Solar panel will ruled out your Roof Soon

Solar panel

Solar panel absorbs the solar which converted into usable form.  The Solar energy is the most efficient source of energy that available today.  The solar Cells in the solar panel plays very important role in order to maintain the efficiency of solar energy. The Solar panel also used widely now days  in artificial intelligent devices which can do mind blowing things in today’s world.

So these are the reason why  Hyper efficient Solar panel will ruled out your Roof.

 1) The organic solar cell in solar panel

The organic solar cells are the  photo voltaic cell which produces the electricity from sunlight by photo voltaic effect. The energy pick in the cell level takes place in series. Then the organic solar cell pick the energy and increase the efficiency level from 11.5% to 15.60%.

 2) Poly crystalline Silicon used in Solar panel

we have a very widely used crystal technology that named as poly crystalline silicon that has efficiency up to 22.3 %. We have another simple technology that is Copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS)  solar cell that has slight improved efficiency up to 22.9 %.

 3) Use of Cadmium telluride in solar panel

Cadmium telluride is a crystalline compound which is stable in nature. This compound is formed from cadmium and tellurium crystals. these crystals are used in semiconductor. These solar cells has recorded the efficiency of 22.1% over the last year.

 4) Use of multi junction solar cells in solar panel

Multi junction solar cells is the most efficient solar technology.  The multi-junction solar cell has the value of 45.6% rate of conversion of the solar rays into solar energy. It has the most efficient solar energy that ever recorded by using this technology. Now the most efficient solar panel that comes with the high efficient multi-junction solar cell is the Spectrolab XJT Prime with the efficiency value of 30.7%. This should be concluded that high efficiency panel does not mean that effective panel for all scenarios.

   In fact efficiency only has value and the space is limited. In order to buy very high efficiency panels, huge amount of premium has to pay. For this reason the Gally marsenite and multi-junction solar cell has not found enough in domestic and commercial application.  They however have the utility in the space application.

The small cells are lay down on the high grid which has the lens  honey comb like structure.  The lens array that bend the light and focused as the narrow concentrated beam.

It does not affect the energy efficiency by the solar movement as well because as the sun moves the cell layer moves in respect of the sun targeting its beam of rays. It is the hybrid integrated technology that is effective in cloudy days when sunlight is less concentrated and generate the power in diffused light rays.


   This technology takes shapes because while collecting the solar rays on the entire surface of the panel, 85% of energy lost in the process. This solar cell tackles this issue and can convert this lost 85% of energy into the efficient solar energy.

 . It may be estimated that the insolite high efficiency panels target the market around 2022. Its wide application might be suitable for electric car in future Transportation technology.



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