Blog Writing


The main hurdle start while you have start to write the Blog post. The mind wondered around the topics but you can not take appropriate decision on what to write. It might have happened that at the starting you have written two three post most enthusiastically but then this enthusiasm comes to halt and we stumble around somewhere.



To avoid this stumbling you can try the following tips which benefited me earlier. So here i will show you the tips for Effective blog writing.


1) Select the Topics of your interest for long term Perspective 


Normally it happens that you have chosen the topic of blog post of your interest that suddenly arrived in your mind. You have also start hitting the keyboard button to finish the post. Then you will find it it difficult to write the next post. Because the next post might be irrelevant from the current topics and you will cross slowly the boundary of what the topics you chosen for long term perspective. The main advantage of the selecting topics for long term perspective is that you will stay long time on the topics and you have the unlimited words to write about.


2) Be consistent in Blog writing

After Long vocation if you decided to write the blog it might tedious to start with. Because the flow that you have earlier is not supported well. So the benefits of being consistent is your mind comes up with create ideas and create matters in writing. Blogging can be  great career Option.


3) write it simple and understandable 

Do not try to stretch the topics to the long, Just write it in short and understandable. The reader must have to  easily get the overview by just reading the few lines of the blog post. You can also follow the blogger to understand how to write.


This tips will help to write the post effectively and attract the readers attention.