How to Start Blogging as Career



You most probably read about to blogging, how to start and stuff. There are very few or maybe no article found about blogging as career option.  So i have Come up with the blogging as career option by studying its various aspects and the future trend of the blogging.



So first we know the statistics of the blogging. The number of blogger do blogging around the world.


It clears that People from all age group are mostly blogger. To become a blogger there is no restriction of the age and no age of retirement so far! Only thing you have to write the quality content and So that it will help you to get the better SEO Ranking on google. So Find here How to write Blog post effectively


Following graph shows the percentage of blogger start blogging for the reason.







It Clear that Blogging can achieve two Goals. 1) You can do blogging as Hobby. 2) You can do blogging to make income.


So that blogging can turn the hobby into income earning source.


This data is enough to show the benefits of starting the Career as blogger.


In addition to above benefits you will enjoy the freedom of life.


I will show in brief the benefits of choosing the blogging as career and freedom of life you have.


1) As Blogger you work as Entrepreneur. You are your Boss!!

2) The Freedom of Time of working. You decides the time of working means blogging. There is no time limit.


3) Work from Home. As Blogger You won’t need to go to the outside office. You needs only Computer or Laptop, Internet Connection. Your home is Your Office.


4) Highest Earning opportunity. There is no limit to the earning. as Blogger you grow, your earning will also increase. You will earn lot of money in short span if you have quality content in your blogs.


5) No age limit. You can start blogging at any age from 8 to 90 years.


6) You can travel the world. As Blogger you can travel the world with having plenty of money. You can still earning during the travelling by writing about travelling experiences, Fun and much more.


7) As a blogger you enjoy many  Rewards and benefits in life.


Best of Luck!!!

Shyam sasane

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