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   Affiliate marketing is the new marketing trend.  In 21st Century there are lots of changes happening in ways of earning money. I am telling you what these ways of earning are. These are the jobs that anyone can do whether you are student, House wife, working professionals and job seekers. If you want to earn extra income or part time income all of you can benefits from this article.

Affiliate Marketing

   Many big e commerce companies like Amazon, flip cart, E bay are doing their business through affiliate marketing. How we can benefits from the affiliate marketing. Now we will see what is affiliate marketing?

 In affiliate marketing it involves three parties,


1)   1)  Merchant who has his product like amazon

2)    2)  Affiliate are those who want to do affiliate marketing

3) Consumers who purchase the product through your marketing.  When these people purchase the product, you will get the commission through their purchase. Now see how this chain works.

 In year 2020 the internet user are estimated to grow as 65 Crore. It means this population is equal to G7 countries. As the population increases, the E-commerce also rises rapidly. There are 20 % earning of the e-commerce companies through affiliate marketing. It means that in 2016 the industry of the marketing has grown from 700 Crore to 6000 Crore in 2019. So this is not the dying business, this is growing business. Traditional shops are going to close and digital marketing booms. Because the shops are going to shifting digitally.

   Now every company comes in affiliate marketing. 

You can earn from 500 Rs to 5 Lakh Rupees in affiliate marketing. People are already earning this amount and in future they are going to grow in affiliate marketing.

To become successful blogger you have to go through the following steps.

1. Choose a Category

   To become a successful affiliate marketer you have the choose a blog category from Niche. You have to choose any niche or any category.

 You can go any category on search engine and see the best sellers in these categories. you get the quick knowledge of demanded product. 

2. Register as an Affiliate

   So for which site’s product you want to affiliate marketing or for which e-commerce you want to do affiliate marketing like amazon, flilpkart, snapdeal, you will get link on these sites. Register as an affiliate or become as an affiliate You can click in this and you can become as an affiliate marketer. You can also register in affiliate network. Affiliate network means a type of shopping mall; you will find all merchants in one place.

 You don’t have to go through different merchants. There are many leading affiliate networks like we commission, optimize. When will you become an affiliate marketer? Then you will have option to generate the link of any product though which you can sell the product.  You can earn the money through the link.  All the things are software based and track everything. Like how much purchase happened through your link and all things.

3. How to sell?

 Now you have chosen category, you have registered, now the basic step is how to sell the product.  There are many ways to bring the product to the people.  The ways like make the sites and write the blogs, social media, You tube videos,  facebook, instagram through these post you can share the link of the product.  Either you can share the link through twitter, SMS, whatsapp and Email. 

 But I suggest you to make your site. Making the site is not a difficult task. You can make the site easily.  There are many tutorials on internet regarding how to create the websites.  When you make your site then you can link to the social media. You can create the email list through email subscription.  You can do whatsapp marketing.  These sites will be you main source.  Your blog will be your main tool.  Maximum blogger use this method. 

 Now you have made a blog, you are doing marketing with that you have taken the contact no. you have taken the email id, now you are going to grow your options. You are sending them links.


 When you grow your traffic, you grow your earnings.  If you don’t want to make the blogging site, you can do affiliate marketing through youtube channel.  You can also create face book page.  Now you can do affiliate marketing by applying your own innovation, your own ideas and there is more scope in affiliate marketing. 


 What are these different ways? Now you can write the Review of the product on your site or blog. You can write review about watch, what is your opinion, what is the comments and what are the advantages and disadvantages. You can write a post and give the product link.






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