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If you want to earn money on facebook then you are on the right place. We will discuss about how you can earn money on facebook. It is estimated that facebook will be a tool for earning money and it will be medium to get rich.  So get ready to know the skill which will earn money for you on facebook.  It will be the great passive income Idea. 


In this article of facebook earning opportunity i will show you the 7 ways on how to earn money on the facebook.

 1. Facebook instant articles


On facebook instant articles you can write the blog posts articles on the blogs. So you can get the post the articles on the facebook and you will get the monetization through the ads on your blog post.

You can also upload the you tube video on the facebook and earn money through the ads.


If you want to publish the blog post on the facebook you have sign in the  instant article, Develope and submit your sample article and begin publishing the instant articles.

2. Facebook sponsored post


If you have a lot of followers and you will have the daily thousands of likes on the facebook, then the facebook sponsored post is the best option for you.


If the submit the post about some product on write the little short review on it and put the stunning image of the product. The company will pay for you because you are advertising the product of the company.  You have to put the real Pages instead of forwarding the post.

So it is beneficial for both the parties and for you to make the money. You have charged based on the follower you have on the twitter as well as on the facebook. If you have the large number of follower on the twitter, You could get the highest paid on the twitter for sponsored posts.

This is mostly do by the celebrity, They have big following, they can you the sponsored post and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars on each post.

 3. Share the Links and get pay


So this is some kind of interesting thing that lot of people don’t know about it. It is the main stream of making money and effective.You can share link below the advertisement. The viewer who see the post read it and if he want to buy and click on you link. Your link directed to the eCommerce website and it gives commission to you based on how much products the viewer has buy from your URL link.

4. Sell Fiverr gigs


Another great way to earn money and lot of people have started out doing some kind of freelancing and some kind of teaching on the topics. This strategy make you long time earner most of the few thousands per month. If you sell a service say graphic design and animation or the blog post writer, maybe you go programming if all king of different things you offer and if you get on the site like fiverr  website, you will have bunch of traffic because people will always looking for you services.

So want to find the traffic and then you can actually sell this gigs and sell lot of gigs. So you can create your link to buy these services on gigs and you will have your own money earning from your soul services from the website and all of this is taken care by the fiverr.

5. Get traffic to an ad sense 

Let say you have a site like entrepreneur.com and you share the post like on entrepreneurship and you have the ad sense account linked with your website. You can post random post on the facebook and you can ad on your post. facebook not only pay the money for ad but also pay for the blog post content relating to the ads.

So you can earn money on you tube as well. You know the two biggest websites in the world , the google.com and youtube.com. if you think you don’t need to earn money through the google ad sense, there is amazon associated ad sense network that gives you earning.

6. Sell Handcrafted Items


You might sell painting, you might sell sculpture these are the strategy to sell handcrafted items, You can also sell these items on amazon.com. These are the places where you can sell artistic and handmade items. You can also share the soft copies or documented copies of showing the procedure of handcrafted items to these store.

The buyer can simply download it and you don’t need to ship these items to his address.  You can also share the video of some art and can share the pictures, through the facebook ads you will make the money. You can sell even these Items on the E bay.

 7. Apps and rewards programs referrals 


You can promote Apps and rewards programs on facebook pages just by having the app video and you can have referrals code there. The most people like to refer your app by using a referral link and ref feral code. Swagbucks.com is the best website to promote the app if you have the referral code. When the viewer click on the referral link and download the app, you will get paid.


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