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Facebook algorithm



Facebook algorithm has great potential to grow the reach of your content.  Many people invest in paid campaign to grow their target audience. But there is a little chance you get  to cover the target audience for your product or content. 

So why to invest in paid tools if Facebook provides you free Facebook algorithm. Really Facebook algorithm will maximize the content marketing? Many people won’t believe this idea. If we get the most valuable thing in free, then we often criticize with it’s quality.

Believe me if you use the facebook to reach your target audience, You will definitely win the game. It is estimated that there is around 2.37 Billion facebook user around the world! The number keeps growing each day. So you will never find that huge amount of audience on facebook.

You can do a lot on facebook other than sharing the memories and feelings. If you know the history of the facebook you will find it was basically evolved blend the feelings of people. We are social being and have a lot to share with friends and loved one. There is also huge growth in the knowledge of people because there is lot of informative things being shared on facebook.

It is important to know the facebook algorithm. Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to grow the facebook page. We all try to create awesome facebook content, we often struggle and spend lot of time to create beautiful content.

Audience need the valuable content all the time. You can improve your algorithm by engaging the audience by providing the valuable content. People will share your valuable post.

The comments are important for page ranking. when you publish posts then your audience comment on it. It is important to know the facebook priorities. facebook uses Edgerank algorithm.

What is facebook algorithm?

Facebook has updated its 2018 algorithms. It is important to understand the new algorithm to rank your content or news feed on facebook.  The new facebook algorithm work based on how the positive reactions of the readers.

The post or the news feed ranked on the facebook based on the four factors.

  1. Inventory
  2. Signal
  3. Predictions
  4. Score

1) Inventory

facebook inventory is the collection content or news feed. The news feeds may be shared by your friends and publishers to your news feeds. The inventory refers to the entire collection of content data of news feeds. Then facebook see the content on your news feeds. More the news feed on the niche topics on your facebook, more will the inventory of your facebook news feeds.

2) Signals

The signals are the mainly identify the type of content. It categorize the content based on its niche. whether it is advertising content or some niche informative content. It also sees the proper engagement of the people on the post you share.

The the meaning of the signal is the identification of whether the post has the quality content, the purpose of the content and the target audience. facebook also manages the proper comments and share of the content. facebook is about the proper engagement of the audience on the content, the likes and comments.

1) The total comments, like and share of the post.

2) The target audience of the post and the purpose of the post.

3) The profile of the publisher of the post like his age, occupation.

4) The time at what the post is shared and how informative the post is

5) The replies to the comments of the audience.

The replies to the audience comment is very crucial to rank the post. It is because the facebook has over weight on the interactive post and content. More interactive post and comments you have, more is the possibility of the content rank.

3) Predictions

Prediction is the profile verification of the publisher. In the profile verification the emphasis given on the content quality of the publisher. How the content is user friendly and what are the benefits to audience. Because facebook cares for its users. What the publisher doing value addition in their life. All these will assessed in the publisher profile verification. The publishers who constantly interactive with audience will built a good status in the eyes of the facebook.

In other words the prediction decides how the positive behavior of the user and how he positively interact with users. Then decides the profile of the publisher.


4) Score

Score is the rank that is assigned for your content. If you content is more interactive then more people will engage with your post. facebook algorithm checks the number of users engaging with your post over specified time.

Facebook not only see the quality of the content but also looks how the user friendly content is. If your content is most user friendly, there is more chances that your content will go out in top news feeds. If the content is not user friendly, then there is less chance that your content is go out at the top of news feeds.

So the user engagement matters here to score high on the news feeds.

The score is different for different individuals based on their area of interest.  If suppose your niche area is i phone 11 , then the score will assigned based on how frequent you post on this particular niche with user interactive post. The second factor is the engagement of users with your post. The quality of the content and comments, likes and shares of your post.

One more important factor for scoring is the content relevancy to the user. If your content targeted with specific niche with relevant users, you will score higher. On the other hand if your content is not relevant with the user, less the score you get.


How do I practically implement above factors?

After you know the all algorithm factor for ranking on facebook. The next question is how do i practically implement above four scoring factors.

1) Your niche topics

Your niche topics are the piece of cake for you. You should try to make it must interesting as you can. There is no need to have length to your topic or how much depth you explain it. The Content quality matters rather than the length of the post. for example if your niche content topic is i phone  related, then you can choose the sub niche like the Secrets of iphone 11. You can create more interactive head line for users like,”Hey i am gonna reveal the iphone 11 secrete with you, get ready to hang with me here!” In this way you can make it more interesting and eye catching.

The other example of the topic headline that is not interesting such as,”iPhone 11 Secrets”. Putting just a phrase not seems to be interesting and much interactive here. So this title is not seems to be eye catching. The more effort we put to make the interesting title headline, the more interesting it will be.

2) The comments and likes

 The comments and likes are another added advantage for you. Your target audience only comment when they spend the time and read it. They only spend the time when they seem the content is interesting and joyful to read.

More the content interacting, more the user comment to the content. One important thing facebook looks out that your reply to the comments. It is not necessary to receive the comments of people but how you reply to these comments more positively. The more positive your interaction with your audience, more the chances of ranking of your news feed content.

The likes are another important factor of your post getting. There is no doubt in people always like the interactive content. The number of likes and and comment impact the ranking. The more comments and likes your post have, better the score of your news feed post.

3) Sharing of the post and consistency in post

You must consistently share the content of your post. If you share the post once in a day, then decide the time for post on facebook. The post time matter most. Because when you share the post at fixed time say 9 A.M. and it’s a good time to share post. You must stick to this time. Your audience will know  the time you share the post and online at that time.

The more the people share your post, better you score higher.


Tips to reach more people on facebook

1) Post the content that you audience want

Your content should not target the sell of your product or some advertising campaign, Your content should target your audience, because no one came on facebook to just buy the products and sell. If you will post the content only for targeting your audience, you will soon lose the reach of people. The people will soon lose the interest in you. Because nobody come on facebook to shop.

You should not use the words that appeals for the engagement for your post. Such as “Tag a friend, they will love you.” If you do that, facebook will penalize you.

2) Use video, Especially live

Use the live video as much as possible. Because the live video get much more engagement of audience. People may watch live video initially at first time. But you should keep uploading the live videos, definitely people get like you videos. After posting the live videos regularly, people will get habitual to first watch the love video and then get the written content.

3) Avoid Posting unnecessary links

Lot of publishers load the post with lot of links and appeals,”hey check out the link for more news feed”. The problem is the links take more time to load. Many people may have slow 3G connection. If they click on your link, your link may take longer time to load. Due to long time to load, user will skip the post and you may lose the audience. More than 70% of the people will abandon your post, if your post takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Facebook will also stop showing that link, if it is slow loading link. If you want to post the link, first go with some content and then attach the link below the content. So don’t post the content just for sharing the link.

4) Ask fans to “see first”

You just ask people to go to your business page, When People Click on see first, they will get the notification for other post instantly when you post the next post. There is couple of ways to access the “see first” option. The easiest way is to directly to your facebook page. Click the like button and then select the “see first” option.

 Finally here you have just come near the brief summary.

The main objective of the facebook news feed is to connect the people with their friends and families. We can easy guess that the post from friends and families are prioritize by facebook. Another point is that facebook always care the people and assure to give the safe and secure platform to all. Facebook always prioritize the genuine stories rather than the misleading, sensational and consider these as a spammy stories. Facebook always strive to improve its performance by constantly seeking it’s feedback from the users.









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