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 We are most familiar with the word called Artificial Intelligence. But do you know that our world today is mostly filled with AI.  It makes us more comfortable in life. It also assist humans for day to day life.

 Most of us are aware about the artificial intelligence (AI) increasing its present in our everyday life.  You will surprise by knowing some of these skill that artificial intelligence can do today.


Here are mind blowing things that the artificial intelligence can do today.


1) Write


 Do you know that even the novel has been generated through artificial intelligence? You will be surprised now by knowing this.  You will also surprise that this novel has got the award also. The span of the artificial intelligence has grown significantly and it has now reached to the mindful activity such as reading.


 Many newspaper and magazines also use the AI. They include many “Who, what, where and how” formulaic pieces.  Artificial intelligence will expand further to more creative writing well. Many social media post are turning towards the artificial intelligence to make their social media post.


2) Read


Can you believe that many news articles, web links, books, emails, legal documents, audio and files and images read by artificial intelligence?

 It is extremely helpful to save the time.  The machine learning reads communication and reports back the essential information.  Even Face Messenger also relies on AI for natural language processing.

3) Hear and Understand


 Do you Know that AI is able to detects gunshots, analyze the sound and then alert relevant people? This is the mind blowing thing that the artificial intelligence can do.

 If you want the weather report or any other news or the things that you want to know, you can only have to speak your quarry, then the AI recognizes the sound and reply you. Clarify your quarry, give you digital voice assistance.

4) Speak

 AI can also speak. You have seen the products such as Alexa and Google maps responds to your quarries and give you directions, Google duplex takes it to one step further and uses artificial intelligence to schedule appointments and complete task over the phone in very accurate way to response given by humans it’s taking to as well.


5) Smell

 The researcher are currently developing AI model that will be able to detect illness, just by smelling a human’s breathe. It can detect the chemicals called aldehydes that are associate with human illness and stress including cancer, diabetes, brain injuries and detecting the bad odor.


 The other symptoms are also identified. AI bots could identify gas leaks or other caustic chemicals, as well as IBM is also using the artificial intelligence to develop new perfumes.


6) Touch


 Robot can identify the raspberry and supermarket ripe and even picks them and place them into basket. When you will go to shopping next time, you will definitely take the robot with you for shopping. Eventually the robot will be able to pick one raspberry every 10 seconds and thus will save a bit amount of time for you.


7)  Move


 AI propels all kind of the movement of autonomous vehicles such as drones and robots. The Tokyo New National Theater features a robot that can generate motion autonomously.


8) Understand the Emotions


 The person’s emotions can be tracked by the artificial intelligence tools that track the person’s emotion as they watch video.  AI  can gather the information from the person’s facial expression.


9) Play games


With the help of AI you can play games, you  can learn to play games such chess, Go and poker and turn out that AI can learn to play these games plus compete and even beat humans at them.


10) Debate


 IBM project debater showed us that artificial intelligence can even be successful at debating humans in complex subjects. Not only is it able to research a topic, but also it can also create an engaging point of view and craft the opinion against the human opponent.


11) Read your Mind


 AI can even read your mind. This is unbelievable! Soon you will start believing that. Artificial intelligence can interpret your brain signals and then create speech. Impressive and life changing for those with speech impairment but a little bit unnerving when you consider the mind reading aspect of the skill.


 It’s no surprise that some the biggest tech giants including Facebook Elon musk have their own projects underway to capitalize on artificial intelligence mind reading potential.










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