20 Startup Ideas for Profitable business Entrepreneur

20 startup ideas are all of you are planning to run the startups, based on business ideas, then you are at the perfect place.

Here I have tried to cover the 20 Startup ideas that will turn into Profitable business and most important they will inspire you to become an Entrepreneur. I have tried to cover the best industries and picked best profitable startup ideas for you.




20 startup ideas


1) Buying and selling Domain Names


This business is pretty easy. Buying the domain names that you think it will going to popular in future and sell them when they becomes famous. In this field you will required to do little research on buying and selling the domain. If it will seem the profitable for you then you can show the profit trajectory to your customer who is willing to buy your domain.


This is the most reasonable source of earning money. If you want to keep the track of the success in this business then you should be in the global race. This business seems to be lengthy but there is no other profitable business than domain name buying and selling.


It requires the pretty much amount of sense and understanding is to which domain name should be picked that has the possibility and surety of getting famous and turn into profitable. The Start Up Entrepreneurs Helps to improve the living standards of the society. This business is one of the 20 startup ideas.


2) Start a profitable Blog


If you have the blog of right niche of the topics and you constantly add the quality content to your blog, then you can earn money through the Google AdSense Ads, affiliate marketing and also sponsored ads.

In this Business you can’t make a huge amount of money in few months but it is very best passive business ideas for lifetime to get the profit to your blog. You need to write something quality content that the right amount of people will interest in your blog. You need to publish the high quality content frequently on the blog. One more important thing is that you should get engaged your readers, your followers daily and weekly or even monthly basis.


If you are think to starting the blog, then word press is the best for to get start in. Because word press provides the best plug in features to grow your websites.

You need to frequently share the link of your blog articles on different social media platform. There you can find the large reader base and if you still not have profile on social media, then it is the right time for you to get start it early.

This is one of the 20 startup ideas.


3) Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is mainly the earning profit or commission by promoting the products and services of somebody else. Now a day’s most people do affiliate marketing with the amazon affiliate program and with different e-commerce business.

Before starting the affiliate marketing you should has to have the basic knowledge of SEO means the Search Engine Optimization. The SEO techniques help you to put the right keywords in promoting the product or services.  Many affiliate marketers has become successful affiliate marketers with amazon.

There are millions of products to choose for affiliate marketing. So you have to choose the right product for affiliate marketing. There is huge possibility of earning the huge profit through affiliate marketing. This is one of the 20 startup ideas.


4) Build android Apps


Have checked your phone and count how many stuff of apps have in your android phone. Some apps are really useful for somewhat daily, weekly and monthly based on their potential need. Now day’s Educational and Funny apps are becoming more popular than ever before. People use endless app. If you checkout the each android phone, you will find out there are tons of apps filled into your android phone.


Developing and selling the android app can be a profitable business idea. There is no doubt that app is like the business. You have to do the market research, find the gap and start work on those thing that other apps could not able to provide to the customers. The android has nearly 80% of the share of the mobile and 20% is occupied by the iPhone.


5) Online store for E-commerce


Starting an E-commerce business is a profitable business idea and you can operate it as your part time business. You need to decide to make your own goods or article to sell or you can sell other items. Once you have decided to setup your own E-commerce store you need to start marketing it.

Social media like Instagram, Facebook and twitter is the best platform for marketing your E-commerce products. You have to ensure that you are offering new, exciting and innovative products in reasonable price.


6) YouTube Videos


YouTube is the second largest search Engine in the world after Google. Many people prefer to the YouTube for searching information because there is minute detailed information available out there in the form of Videos. If you start your YouTube channel and upload the videos, you will get monetize by Google ads.

You should ensure that you should make and upload hundreds of Videos on YouTube to make. Great way to make money on YouTube is to do sponsorship. To sponsor the product of in your Videos is the best way to earn the profit on YouTube.

You can decides the niche topics to start the YouTube Videos, You can start tech help channel, Educational channel and other How to Do tutorials. You can also share the link of YouTube videos to your blog and can generate more traffic.


7) Chatbot making Business


Chatbot making is the good source of income. chatbot is designed to artificial conversation with the online customers. With user-friendly programs you can design your chatbot. You should interest in deploying the chatbot and then target the smaller businesses looking to grow their online presence without employing more people.


Chatbot is like the robots around us that communicate with customers. Chatbot carry out intelligent conversation. In simple term chatbot is computer programs or you can say that it is the artificial intelligence. With the software the computer programs communicate with the live users, they are designed to reply our question with the smart and logical and intelligent answer.


The best example of chatbot is the Google assistant program in your android phone; it is a one type of the chatbot. Chatbot usually designed to do the first level of communication with the company without chatting live with the receptionist or the company employee.


8) Create an Online course


If you have the skill of teaching or the teaching is your passion, you can start online course and it is the great source of passive income. You can create the value based online course that can solve the problem or fill the needs of the students. You can also include videos, and e-book with relevant information.


 9) Social media consultancy


Do you know there are now multimillionaire businesses out there which are made with the social media consultancy? There are over 50 million Facebook pages, if you have to help these businesses then you must have this skills. Most of businesses have something to offer somebody. They have to find that somebody. If you have to help businesses then you can start the social media consultancy. . If the client won’t able to solve his problem, then he can put a serious amount of money into your pocket when you took the responsibility to solve it.


10) Start a podcast


Podcast can be the great source of income generating stream in this modern world. As you grow your podcast you can offer the paid sponsorship, sell your own products and services. Through the podcast you can earn the trust of your customers. They are much more likely to buy the product which you will offer to buy them.

From last 15 years the podcast has got the niche market of generating the income stream.  There are over millions of podcast that exist today. The podcast is simply a piece of audio or a story, interview, documentary and stories you can download and listen to when you want. Today’s there are 100 Million listeners who listen the podcast every day.


11) Coffee shop Business


Coffee shop business is the fastest growing business concept in the restaurant industries. You need a good amount of capital to establish this retail business idea. Find the location that outfit both main market and that able to make crowd in your coffee shop.

Then opt for modest and innovative design concept. You need to keep reinventing your Menu and excellent coffee for every time. So how much it cost to open a coffee shop is between 50,000 Dollars to 90,000 Dollars depending upon the size, services you offer, rent and other specific consideration vary from business to business. this is one of the 20 startup ideas.


12) Flower shop


Opening the flower shop like any other business requires a hard work, love and dedication. If you love the fresh flower and experience in flower shop then the flower shop business may be the best option for you. You should think selling the product that everybody loves.

If you have the skill of beautifully crafting the flower then it is the best business idea for you. Also it requires the good interpersonal skill and good sense. You can make plan and decides your vision and mission of your flower shop.


13) Open a sports Bar


The sports bar is a place where a sports fan wants to get together and see the game while they order foods and drinks. You can offer events to all kinds of sports. The location of your sports bar should be near the college area or the hostel where the young people will enthusiastically participate in the sports bar. You should keep the different sport fan engaged coming every way.


14) Social Media Merchant


Social media merchant is the sell your own product on social media or offer a services and product for a business. You will need to open e-commerce store for yourself and for your client and connect it with the social media platform like Facebook, twitter and instagram. You will need to market your business.


15) Catering Business


For many entrepreneurs the catering business is the gateway to the restaurant business. Catering business can teach you the few essential skill that required fostering the restaurant business.  You can initially try out the catering business for your friends and family or even you can try out your own recipes giving the creativity for your organizational skill.

One suggestion is that you don’t have to accept the orders that are bigger that your handle, because you are at the initial phase of the catering business and slowly you wider your arms in to this business when you get the experience and fame.  For servicing the catering for 100 peoples requires the lot more space, expensive kitchen items and other stuff.


16) Social Media Copywriter


Social Media Copywriter is a good source of income generating business. A social media copywriter writes and engages in publishing content on numerous social media platform. Their duty is to optimize post with the language and to an overall message and its impact on the target audience.

They keep this business successful you will need to work with multiple companies at the same time. Keep in mind that the different platform works on the social media platform. So you will need to adapt your writing style to suit each campaign.


17) Bakery Business


If you love baking, then you can start a bakery business. Your family recipes create your own desert you can replicate perfectly every time. You will need a retail space and equipment but you can stretch it from your home except online orders and delivering the orders to the around you live. After opening and operating a bakery business present many unique challenges that is different from other types of business.

You will need to take the process of opening a bakery from writing a business plan and getting fund for set up the bakery, getting the permit and choosing the right equipment for your new bakery.


Before you start planning a new bakery, you need to understand the different types of bakeries and what sort of customers they serve. There are two main types of bakeries, retail and wholesale, the different needs and customer basis.


18) Spice powder making business


Spice powder making business ensure a good return with small investment. Any individual can establish this business, even home based spice powder making business is profitable.

The small capital require and easy to start and you can establish the spice powder making business of any capacity depending upon you capacity and desired business size. Even you can think of starting with a single product even medium scale business with better product ensures the revenue and profit.


19) Cosmetic Manufacturing Business


You don’t need a large capital to start a cosmetic manufacturing business. Cosmetic making business has much new established competition in any given market. Many cosmetic manufacturing businesses are making new kind of cosmetic and you have beat them in the competition.

A wise crafted business plan is essential for starting a business. Target the cosmetic manufacturing company that is profitable. Start the cosmetic business and give test to your family members, friends and makeup artist and beauty parlors. Get the feedback from them. This is one of the 20 startup ideas.


20) Photography Course


If you are passionate about the photography and want to uncover your passion, you can offer the other a photography course. You can offer the photography course on home based studio. You can teach both traditional field film and digital image format. Offer the photography course on home based studio. Take the two hours of free photography course to get new customers.

You need to advertise regularly and come up with different courses to get attention of new and retaining customers.



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