Low cost marketing

The low cost marketing is essential in today’s world. If you want to grow your business without burdening on pocket, then these low cost marketing strategies will help you.

Let’s have a look for these of the five low cost marketing strategies.


1. Industry Trade publications: Magazines



Every Single market has magazine basically summarizes what’s going in the market and what’s happening in the market. What they are looking for, they are looking for free content, they are looking for somebody who has knowledge in the market for producing the articles, contents and writing materials.

You can actually contact to your trade publication for producing the article about your product and services.


So the readers who are the subscribers of this magazine or the other main benefits of the magazine is that it kept in the library or in the public places reads your advertisement. You won’t need to pay for the placing the article of your industry in the magazine. The articles placed as free of cost. From the article of the magazine you replicate to be the expert in the field. So you can Influence in the market.


2. Chamber of Commerce: Link


Make the link of your business through your website or your blog. You want to be the member of commerce. You need to join the local chamber of Commerce. Being a member of chamber of commerce is essential; it allows local customers to familiar with your business.  Lot of times the local customers first going to the Chamber of commerce.  So get that tool and get more and more in touch with your local customers.


3. Social Media


The Social media is one of the tools for free of cost marketing. But the social media is very difficult platform because already a bunch of the advertisement campaign is going to be running out there. So you need to have the quality content of your marketing contents that caught the attention of the people on the social media.


4. SMS Marketing 


SMS marketing is simply short marketing service. We know it as text messaging service. SMS marketing is the smartest way of marketing. because, The important benefits of the text messaging is mobile phone is available  in the hand of most of the people and they spent more and more time with the mobile phone.  When you use SMS marketing, make sure that you always have to provide the new information to the customers.


5. Email Marketing


Email marketing is again the best option. For this you need to and have to  “buy in”  strategies for the for the customers who receive the email and and SMS messaging services. For this your Customers have to agree for receiving the email messages. The Email are the great marketing strategies that provide the potential customer Base.


So these are five low cost email marketing strategies that you can use it to grow your Business.