List of Passive Income Ideas where you Can make Millions

One of the myth behind the passive income is that it required a bit amount of money for investment. This trend is getting stronger as anyone who think about earning the money from passive income sough the investment is the big hurdle.

Here are the List of the passive income ideas that you can earn money with very few or no investment! Yes believe it because many has started the earning from these Ideas. It does not required any special skill set to start with. Anyone who want to turn his hobby into to the income stream can definitely try out this ideas.

Now let’s Start the exploring the list of the passive income ideas with little or No investment.

1. Writing the Blogs

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If you are passionate about the writing or the writing is your Hobby, then the Blogging is the best option for you. You have to  write the useful post and the content of  your interest and post it. You can earn the money from google ad sense or affiliate marketing. The Blogging is the best platform now a days and you can earn the millions while your blog establishes successfully.

2. e-Book Writing Publishing on amazon Kindle store

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If you are passionate about writing or if the writing is your Hobby then writing the e-book is the best passive income idea for you. You can select the any niche of subject and useful content and start writing. Then you have to upload you book written in word format to the pdf format in the Amazon Kindle store. The Amazon kindle is the most popular and best platform to publish the book. There are many authors on kindle store who have made millions!!

3. Making simple 2 D games and uploading on Google play store


Passive income


If you like to game and passionate about Gaming, then start making the games! I think you have still not believed on me, Yes it’s True. You don’t need to learn the coding for making the games. by using Simple drag and drop mechanism you can make any game which you want to make. There many Game developer out there who are Millionaire!!


These are the 5 Best free  gaming Software  where you can create the game very easily.


  1. Construct 2


2.Game Maker Studio


  1. Godot Engine


  1. Gdevelope


  1. Ink


So Best of Luck…






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