How to become self made millionaire

Self made Millionaire


If you want to become self made millionaire then here is some tips for you to become self made millionaire. We Often heard about the self made millionaire. . what is the self made millionaire?

The self made millionaire are the people who made their wealth with investing a very little money. They makes made the millions of profit in short span of time.   The self made millionaire are the self made, they won’t have any heritable wealth to invest in the business and they won’t take any bank loan to run the business.

The self made millionaire term started using in the mid of the 20th century.In the 21st Century , websites increases. Following are the reason why internet creates many self made millionaire.

1. Websites are the game changer

The website becomes game changer on the internet. Due to the wide spread of the internet, the websites have become the game changer. The widespread of the smartphone also the main responsible factor for booming. It is estimated that around 36 % of world’s population is using smart phones in 2018. If we see this in the form of numbers the smart phones users estimated to grow around 2.5 billion in 2019.

There is around 10% growth in the smart phone users every 6 years.

You can guess what will be the internet users around the world’s and it’s estimated growth.

From the beginning of the internet era, The series of self made millionaire started to evolved and still it is never ending until the internet has spread its wings around the world. The very first self made billionaire are the Mark Zuckerberg who started the website known as The facebook was initially launched in 4 February 2004 along with fellow Harvard college student and roommates.

It offers social media networking to the college students. It was initially limited to the universities. But later it was diversified to the users around the world and become the technology giant company.

Similarly the amazon and alibaba dot com companies has evolved by offering the online shopping to the customers and making their life better. The self made millionaire are mainly seen to grow on the internet. So it is Clear that internet is the opportunity for those who dream for self made millionaire. The internet is the wealth creation machine because there is huge potential in the internet and the growth of internet is increasing day by day.

So the internet based businesses has the much potential to grow the wealth and become the self made millionaire. Now let’s discuss Points.

 1.To start Blogging 

The blogging has the huge potential to increase your chances to self made millionaire. Most of the people has started blogging and sharing the topics and their knowledge has grow over the internet and  their income  is fascinating and eye lurking.

The Blogger is the website that allows the blogger to write the post of their interested niche topics and share these post on the internet. They paid by the google ad sense through ads by the number of page view they have.  The are many blogging website around the world who are earning the millions of money and growing their wealth.

 2. Selling E book on kindle amazon

If the writing is your passion then the ebook is the best option for you. You can turn this hobby into the earning. There are many authors over there on kindle amazon who are publishing their books on the kindle. In the past decades the book reading technique has changed. start youtube channel.

You Tube is the second largest search Engine in the world after the google search Engine. The Youtube is the platform which offer to share the videos on the youtube. In recent decades the You tube is becoming more and more popular and it will surpass the google search Engine soon.

There are total monthly  149 Millions of You Tube viewers around the world. The number of daily viewers of Youtube videos are 30 Millions. More than 50 % of youtube viewers coming from mobile devices.

The top Youtuber earning revenue is from is estimated to 12 Million Dollar.


So you can decide the niche topics of your interest and upload the videos on the Youtube. The you tube will pay for you through google ad sense.




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