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google translate


The Google translate is the important tool for translating.

It was too much difficult to learn the meaning of word of the other language.

So anyone who want to convert the language into the other either have the dictionary of that language or either the translator who translate the word verbally.

In ancient era people travels in new area with new culture and languages. The translator needed to translate the different languages. Due to evolution of languages the learning becomes easier and people start travelling around the world.

. The businesses expanding beyond the boundaries.

In the 21st Century, the google translation has further simplified the life of people. simply by typing the word which you want to translate get translated into another language within the millisecond.   That much fastest speed of translation has further enhance the life of people on the planet.

Now  We will see the further advancement in the translation technology. At present era the google has come up in  integration with different devices that we use daily for personal use. For example smart watches. Now it will expand further in the different google translate  devices. Here are the list of the devices which come up with the google translation.


1) Google translation Pen


google translate


The google translation pen is one of the most handy innovation that might come in future. It’s main feature is that it could translate the word in to the target language by writing pen on the electronic pad.

The electronic pad may be in the size of tab or this feature might come in combination with kindle e-book reader. The kindle e-book reader can translate the maximum number of pages whatever you want and can convert the whole text in any language you want to translate.


The main advantage of this device might be it will convert the target language at fast speed.  Another advantage will that it can convert the whole text and more of pages.


2) Google translation Smart Watches


google translate


The google translation smart watches my be come up with the handy feature of translation the language by vocally.

Mean the feature in the smart watches might be that it will convert the language you want to convert by simply speaking the word of the source language and then the watch will show the converted words of the target language.

It will be the smallest translation device where you can convert the word by turning your watch near to your mouth and speak the words of the source language.

Within the fraction of seconds the watch display will show the convert words of the target language. Another feature might come up in in addition with the displaying on the watch display is that the watch will also speak that target language in audio format.

So you will have both the benefits of converting the words and display on the watch display as well as you will listen the words of that language in the audio format.


3) Google translation Lens


google translate


The google translation Lens might be the very innovation device in the future translation. Yet some one might not imagined that by wearing the lens and reading the words that you want to translate may show you on the lens screen.

The size of this lens might be large enough that you can see the translated words in more clearly. The size of this lens looks like the lens of the virtual video games.

When you start reading the words of the language that you don’t know, the lens automatically converts the words of the unknown language in to the language you know or into the language that will be your mother tongue. This translation lens may be one of the historic innovation and it will change entire translation industry. You can read the books that are written in the other words very easily.


The mentioned devices will make the boom in the future. It will more beneficial for language learner and authors. These innovative devices may impact the global businesses. The main hurdle of language while doing the business in the other country will be removed by these devices.


These innovative devices will help a lot much to the traveler. The traveler can travel any country in the world without facing the barrier of the language. You can travel any part of the world and can connect with people by effective communication.

The people can better understand the cultures and they connect with each other and share the knowledge and Cultural values with each other. It will also Impact the social media. People can have more and more friends on the social media and share each other experiences and opinion.




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